Ede Gee (Edward Garden) A Philadelphia native and drum n’ bass icon has been and continues to be the gateway through which many enter the world of Drum and Bass. Ede has seen the world change and plays the rhythm of this transformation every chance he can with his brand of smokin’ Jungle/Drum-n-Bass. Influenced by U.K. producers such as DJ Hype, Andy C. and the entire moving Shadow label, Ede began to forge a new way of presenting this musical movement in the U.S. as far back as 1995. His understanding of Breakbeats, House music and Rave culture increased his demand as a touring DJ, and he plays many genres of underground electronic dance music . Keeping it real and always unique . As he sees it he’s “just playing the tunes people need to hear” speaks volumes, for he spins what he feels – nothing more..nothing less.

ede gee


Ede has been a part of the underground movement in many different places among the U.S. including Manchester N.H. , Maui Hi. ,and the rebirth of the scene in Savannah Ga. He is one of the original members and pioneers of the Crew Savannah party starters ,which is live and in full effect. Ede is currently breaking into the Knoxville Tennessee’s up and coming dnb scene! He continues to rock the clubs in 2014 and is planning to hit the studio soon to give the people another musical masterpiece.